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Welcome to Dr. Mo's Blues and More site. The purpose of this site is, of course, a bit of self promotion, and also to provide a forum for examining, exchanging, and expressing ideas, commentaries, problems, and such on topics concerning Blues, Live Performances, Music as a whole, and just about any thing else you and I wish to rant about. (Just what the world needs...)

So, look through, write back, have fun.

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What's Up With This Guy?

OK, I've been avoiding this part but too many people have said, "Mo, how about a bit of a biography?". I've always thought the whole "Hi! I'm Blah Blah Blah and I like Blah Blah Blah..." was kind of stupid, so hopefully I'll be able to avoid that kind of thing.

The basic thing here is that I'm a semi-pro musician in the Central Pa area. (Yes I do have a day gig, but that's a whole other kettle of gumbo) I play bass, guitar, and dobro. I've done alot of different kinds of music through out the past 25 years. I started in Pittsburgh, did some gigs with a band that actually had a top 40 hit that is currently being hawked on late night TV, toured with a Bluegrass band that played Frank Zappa songs at "Big Time Country Festivals" (that really pissed off the Country Gentlemen) and generally had alot of fun playing every kind of music that anybody would be foolish enough to let me try.

Through out all of this time, I've always gone back to THE BLUES whenever I was alone or someone was kind enough to listen. Currently, I do solo Blues gigs playing guitar and dobro, and play bass with the best damn "World Groove" band in the world, "NAMASTE". I hang out alot with some other very talented people in this area, and do "pick up gigs" with them whenever they let me. If you were to ask me what my primary instrument is, with out hesitation I would tell you, "None of your damn business!", that's a lie, it would be bass. I'm always ready to do any gig with any body at any time, so, if you need a bass player, or guitar/dobro player, drop me a line.

Otherwise, I'm a Gemini, have absolutely no sense of humor, no opinions about anything, and I'm dull boring and unintresting, with no original thoughts.

Oh I could go on and on but you'll just have to keep coming back here to keep putting all of the pieces together in this cracked mosaic called


Later and Greater